Is it Like Riding a Bicycle?

I’ve made no secret of the fact that I am having another attempt at internet dating. It worked for me once before so I assume in my more optimistic moods that it can work again.

Initially a new profile on a dating site (particularly the one that I first tried) is bombarded with what I can only liken to a ‘new meat’ type feeding frenzy. To start with, before I changed sites, I was weeding out the daily onslaught of suitable matches using the following criteria:

  • too young- I mean REALLY young, I was certainly old enough to be their mother, apparently that’s a thing!
  • too old- I have challenge with my upper age limit because my stepfather is not that much older than me, so I don’t really fancy a date or a partner older than him.
  • Cross dresser- nope, not for me.
  • Kinky- as in ‘can you send me a photo of your *insert word here*?’
  • Potential axe murderers.
  • and yes, even “married but available”- these ones I would like to string up by their you know whats!
  • No communication skills whatsoever- I mean zero. How am I supposed to respond to a message that just says ‘Hiya’?
  • Blatant lies on profile.
  • Too many dog photos- dogs are fine by the way; I just don’t want to date one!
  • Too many action man photos.
  • Too many photos in speedos.

I could go on. Do you think I am being too fussy?

My two basic criteria still stand; I want a man who is nice to me and who smells good!

6 thoughts on “Is it Like Riding a Bicycle?”

  1. Given your list here (and knowing the details of one of these) no, I don’t think you’re being too fussy. AT ALL! You only have two requirements as well. There should be plenty to fit the bill, just a case of chemistry then. (Does that exist when you get to our sort of ages? I don’t know.) Anyway, blimey though, you’ve put me off trying internet dating again! 😉

    1. Firstly Joanne “our sort of ages” made me smile- you are far younger than me! Yes, I can actually vouch for the fact that chemistry still exists, but it needs to be sustainable. I have hope that I will eventually ENCOURAGE you to follow me in this er, um, adventure? x

      1. Am I? No, I can’t be..
        Er…and you taking the plunge has made me think more about it. So I guess that’s a start. 🙂 x

  2. He is out there Jane.

    Patience is the word! Be fussy because you have to make sure you make you happy first and someone else last…. there are three people in any new relationship already before you add another element – no chemistry pun intended.

    I learned an important lesson with www dating – it takes time and sometimes you have to kiss a lot of frogs…. we’re still here (H and I) plugging away at life and most of the time we’re happy but we have our ‘moments.’

    We’re at 8.5 years gross and just over 7 years net if you allow for the fact that she put herself and her family first and let me go… you know the story but she came back and the rest is history!

    1. I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t have the support, humour and gentle push from my friends. That includes one who took me & the kids to the zoo one lonely New Year’s Eve x

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